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The Maldives, a tropical island country, is located in the southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. Famous for its exotic beaches, coral reefs, serene azure waters, and thrilling water activities, Maldives attracts all kinds of travelers varying from families to friend groups and solo travelers to newlyweds.

Maldives tour packages ensure that the travelers get to have the time of their lives when going on a holiday.

Your tour package for Maldives provides you an opportunity to explore this island country in the best possible way. Comprising of 26 ring-shaped atolls that have more than 1,000 coral islands, Maldives is a perfect place for all types of travelers ranging from solo travelers to honeymooners, and families. Floating in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a beautiful country that boasts of white sand beaches, ultramarine waters, palm-lined islands, extensive aquatic life, busy markets, opulent restaurants, and luxurious resorts. Therefore, Maldives packages are the best means to explore this country which ensure that you cover almost all important tourist destinations in a limited period. The Maldives is a top travel destination for those looking for a tropical getaway to spend time with family or to kick-start their new married life. This gorgeous archipelago in the Indian Ocean attracts plenty of tourists of all interests with its beaches, historical landmarks, coral reefs, and turquoise lagoons. Travelers in Maldives can try plenty of water sports such as snorkeling, diving, parasailing, and much more. Shopping along with spa & wellness are also the essential things to do in Maldives on a holiday.

Whether you are looking for a Maldives package with a flight from the major cities in India or an all-inclusive Maldives trip package to accommodate your bucket list wishes, we can help you navigate your travel planning journey. The island paradise is often quoted as turquoise heaven for those who love oceanic getaways and our best Maldives packages focus on catering to just that. From Male to Addu Atoll, explore beyond the shimmering white sand beaches, dive in to see the vibrant marine life, and unwind with luxury stays that will help you experience the best of your travels. Explore our Maldives packages from India to plan your next vacay. Read on to learn more about Maldives holiday packages.


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15 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Maldives Tour Packages

With holiday packages for the Maldives, vacationers can take pleasure in a cost-effective holiday trip. There is no dearth of sightseeing attractions to visit while on a holiday in the Maldives. Among the host of places to see, the most sought-after tourist attractions in the Maldives include - FuaMulaku (the smallest of the atolls with only one and the largest island in the Maldives), Kudahuvadhoo (this island has one of the mysterious mounds), Mirihi Islands, Maldives National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque, and Nalaguraidhoo Beach, among a few. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent places to visit in the Maldives that tourists must visit in order to explore the island at its best.

1. COMO Cocoa Island

  • What’s Special: Resort Island, Luxurious accommodations
  • Nearby Attractions: Open Sports and Recreation Park, Artificial Beach
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Seaside resort
  • Distance From Male: 31 km
  • Transportation Options: Speedboat, Ferry

Ranked amongst the most sought after places to visit in Maldives Island, COMO Cocoa Island offers an opportunity to stroll through the white sand, indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments, savor delicious cuisines at top-notch restaurants, and enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities, like snorkeling and diving. Replete with plenty of resorts and around 33 water villas, this place has got the staycation sorted for its visitors.

2. Huvahendhoo Island

  • What’s Special: Island Resort, Water sports
  • Nearby Attractions: Beach
  • Timings: Open 24 hours (Best visited during December and March)
  • Major Attractions: Seaside resort, Spa, Tennis court
  • Distance From Male: 84.7 km
  • Transportation Options: Seaplane, Ferry

For a rejuvenating experience in the midst of striking calm waters, head to Huvahendhoo Island. Encompassing a beach resort and spa, delightful restaurants, and luxe rooms for stay, here one will never run out of amazing experiences to cherish.

3. Halaveli Island

  • What’s Special: Island Resort, Water sports
  • Nearby Attractions: Hulhumale, Maafushi
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Villas, Private plunge pools
  • Distance From Male: 67.1 km
  • Transportation Options: Ferry

Surrounded by water, Halaveli Island is one of the best places for tourists to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Housing around 57 water villas, the Constance Halaveli Resort has rooms with satellite television and a Kids Club to keep travelers’ children engaged throughout the whole stay. Equipped with all the world-class facilities and fun activities for children and adults, a sojourn here is nothing but all about exclusivity.

4. Sun Island

  • What’s Special: Resort, Spa & wellness
  • Nearby Attractions: Ari Atoll, Mirihi
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Beach Bungalows, Sunset Villas, Presidential Suites, Water bungalows
  • Distance From Male: 110 km
  • Transportation Options: Seaplane, Ferry

Nalaguraidhoo Island more popularly known as Sun Island is an island famous for its pristine crystal clear beaches, serenity, and natural beauty. The shimmering sands, turquoise water, bright sun, lush greenery, and surreal surroundings make this island a beautiful place to relax and spend some comfortable time. One can enjoy spa rejuvenating sessions on this island at various resorts and spa centers.

5. Male

  • What’s Special: Cuisine, Markets
  • Nearby Attractions: Hulhumale, Maafushi
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Museums, Beach, Art Galleries
  • Transportation Options: Flight

Male, the capital island nation of Maldives is a must inclusion in the Maldives holiday packages. It is famous as the King’s Island as it used to serve as the abode of the Royal kings. The island can be best explored to learn about the culture of Maldives. One can relish the local cuisine here along with shopping and sightseeing.

6. Alimatha Island

  • What’s Special: Golden-white sand beach
  • Nearby Attractions: Open Sports and Recreation Park, Artificial Beach
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Water sports corners, Food stalls
  • Distance From Male: 64.7 km
  • Transportation Options: Seaplane, Ferry

This is one of the best islands to include in your Maldives trip package from India. It is famous for its sparkling waters where one can enjoy snorkeling, boating, and diving. The sandy beaches allow tourists to play volleyball under the shining rays of the sun. Tourists can also rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul with various spas and massage sessions that are available here.

7. Biyadhoo Island

  • What’s Special: Resort island, Spa
  • Nearby Attractions: Male
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Beaches
  • Distance From Male: 28.8 km
  • Transportation Options: Speedboat

Biyadhoo Island is famous for its natural production of coconuts, mangoes, bananas, and many other fruits and vegetables. One can enjoy scuba diving on the sparkling waters of this island. Maldives tour packages from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and other cities of India can be customized to include any of these island tours in the itinerary.

Maldives packages make sure to keep in mind the need to enjoy a relaxing vacation and not just one full of continuous sightseeing and beach adventure. In this context, good and well-planned tour packages for the Maldives should have a couple of leisure days that are interspersed with the days spent outside exploring the beauty that is the Maldives.

8. Banana Reef

  • What’s Special: Diving site, Cliffs, Corals
  • Nearby Attractions: Club Med, Kurumba, and Fullmoon Island
  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Major Attractions: Squirrelfish, Bannerfish, Oriental sweetlips
  • Distance From Male: 19.8 km
  • Transportation Options: Speedboat

While with the Maldives tourist package with airfare explore Banana Reef. It is one of the best diving sites in the world and one can witness sharks, barracudas, groupers while diving in the Banana Reef. One can dive up to 30 meters deep, the site is also popular for snorkeling. Discover spellbinding caves, stunning coral, beautiful cliffs, and overhangs in Banana Reef. The place is also great for beginners as well who are just learning to dive with Maldives tour packages with flight, explore diving in the world’s best site.

9. Artificial Beach

  • What’s Special: Man-made Beach
  • Nearby Attractions: National Museum, Malé Friday Mosque, Hulhumale Island
  • Timings: 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Major Attractions: Man-made beaches
  • Distance From Male: 1.1 km
  • Transportation Options: Buses, Taxi

Artificial Beach in Male is one of the most beautiful beaches which is a man-made beach in the Maldives. The beach offers spellbinding views and is shaped like a crescent. The beach is a popular spot among tourists and travelers. The water on the Artificial Beach is not as deep as one can find on the natural beaches. Owing to the shallow depth, it is great for swimming as well. One can enjoy a plethora of activities like barbecues on the beachside, sip a drink in the cafes, and enjoy thrilling watersports.

10. National Museum

  • What’s Special: Witness remnants of the Maldivian culture
  • Nearby Attractions: Sultan Park, Republic Square
  • Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Major Attractions: Maldivian artifacts, Royal antiques, Embellishments
  • Distance From Male: 220 meters
  • Transportation Options: Bus, Taxi

The National Museum of Maldives is an iconic landmark of the country. The building and its exhibits are well preserved and well maintained. The museum had a huge collection of royal antiques belonging to the Islamic and Buddhist era. With the Maldives trip plan, explore the exhibits of the National Museum and get a glimpse of the history, culture, and tradition of the place.

11. Maafushi

  • What’s Special: Water sports, Inhabited island, Dolphin safari
  • Nearby Attractions: Male
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Bikini Beach, Guesthouses, Dolphins
  • Distance From Male: 26.08 km
  • Transportation Options: Speedboat, Ferry

Situated in the Kaafu Atoll, Maafushi is one of the most sought after places to visit in the Maldives. It is an inhabited island. The island is situated at a distance of 26.08 km from Male. One can easily reach here through a speedboat or ferry. The island is home to many guest houses and exotic resorts. However, the highlight of visiting Maafushi island is partaking in water sports. It is an apt location to indulge in snorkeling and swimming.

12. Addu Atoll

  • What’s Special: Southernmost atoll
  • Nearby Attractions: Dhigurah
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Diving points
  • Distance From Male: 535 km
  • Transportation Options: Flights

Addu Atoll is well-known as the southernmost atoll of the Maldives. It is situated quite far from the capital city but can be reached by seaplane. Some of the top places to visit in Addu Atoll are the British War Memorial and EedhigaliKilhi and Kottey Protected Area. One can partake in many water sports activities. Some of which include snorkeling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, etc.

13. Dhangethi

  • What’s Special: Island cuisines
  • Nearby Attractions: Club Med, Kurumba, and Fullmoon Island
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Diving center, Guesthouses
  • Distance From Male: 88.0 km
  • Transportation Options: Flights, Speedboat

Dhangethi is situated in the Alif Dhaal Atoll of the Maldives. Like many other places in the Maldives, it is an apt place to simply relax and rejuvenate. The entire island is inhabited by a total of just 1000 people. Therefore, making it a perfect space if one is looking for seclusion.

14. Baros Island

  • What’s Special: Excursions, Destination dining
  • Nearby Attractions: Veligandu, Fonimagoodhoo
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Villas, Spas, Diving spots, Beaches
  • Distance From Male: 15.2 km
  • Transportation Options: Speedboat

Situated at the heart of the Indian Ocean, Baros Island is home to beautiful corals and water villas. Moreover, one can also partake in water sports activities at this island. Close to the island, Manta Point is situated which is a key attraction of the Maldives.

15. Hithadhoo

  • What’s Special: Westernmost of Addu Atoll
  • Nearby Attractions: Hulhumale, Maafushi
  • Timings: Open 24 hours
  • Major Attractions: Diving sites, Beaches
  • Distance From Male: 531 km
  • Transportation Options: Domestic flights

Hithadhoo is situated in Addu City. It is also the second-largest island in the Maldives. The beaches in Hithadhoo are calm and tranquil. It is the westernmost of Addu Atoll. Here, you will find many diving sites and can savor the local cuisine.

How to Reach Maldives?

By Air

Reaching the Maldives by flight is the fastest and most economical way. Book your flight tickets in advance and save on the Maldives tour cost from India. Flights from Kochi and Bangalore in India are directly connected to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male, Maldives. International flights that are available to commute to this serene island country includes Sri Lankan Airlines, Qatar Airways, SilkAir, Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, and Cathay Pacific.

By Sea

If you want to experience marine life and want to spend time in leisure with freedom, fun, and no restrictions, you can opt to travel to the tropical nation via sea. By booking yourselves the 3 days cruise from Kochi to Male, you can save yourself a seat to experience the fun and exciting cruise life on the Indian Ocean. It’s better to take water transport between November and April. So plan out your Maldives holidays keeping in mind to add the extra three-day adventure!

Best Time to Visit Maldives

Weather conditions on this island of white sandy beaches are not simple. The Maldives experience a hot tropical climate year long with heavy rainfall during the months of June and July. The monsoons in the Maldives are divided into two, depending upon the direction of winds- southwest brings wind and rain from May to October and northeast from November to April. Packing waterproof clothing and an umbrella along with you when traveling to the tropical nation is always recommended. Maldives holiday packages are created keeping in mind the kind of experiences the guests of Travel Blooper are looking for!

Find below the best time to visit this paradise according to the escapade you are looking for-

Dry Season

The dry season in the Maldives starts from the month of December and continues till the month of February. Book in advance the Maldives package with airfare to get the best deals and discounts. This is the best time to visit for those travelers who are looking to run away from the hustle and bustle of their lives and relax on the exotic beaches. The sun shines the brightest, the sky is mostly blue and cloudless with little or no rain making one feel lively and peaceful. The lush greens and azure waters add to the beauty of this island country.

Wet Season

Months between March and October are the best to visit if someone is looking to satiate their adrenaline rush. The wet season is the season of water sports such as surfing and other activities in the Maldives. Scuba diving in the waters with clear visibility, kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing are a few of the famous water activities that adventure enthusiasts indulge in. When you are booking your Maldives travel packages all inclusive do not forget to enquire about the escapades and thrilling adventures you and your family can take part in!

After reading through the above guide, you must have marked the most preferred month in your calendar. So, what keeps you waiting for this excursion. Just browse through our listings of packages created for this astonishing travel destination, and offer us an opportunity to help you make some beautiful memories to cherish for life. Connect with our travel agents now, and avail the world-class travel facilities at a slight amount, for a Maldives trip cost is quite low on our portal in comparison to what is provided by our counterparts.

Best Beaches in Maldives

Hulhumale Beach

Hulhumale Beach is ideal to indulge in watersports activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Moreover, it is an apt place for those who are on the lookout for budget hotels by the beachside.

Veligandu Island Beaches

Veligandu is home to some of the most amazing beaches. It is comparatively less crowded and is quite famous for fancy island resorts. It is also an apt place for snorkeling.

Bikini Beach

Bikini Beach is a perfect beach to flaunt that perfect beach bod. This beach is widespread and is home to impeccable beauty. It is one of the very few beaches in the Maldives where one can wear bikinis.

Reethi Beach

Reethi Beach is often the eye-candy of many newlyweds. Its picturesque shoreline surrounded by luxurious hotels appeals to couples at once. Moreover, one can enrol oneself in many wellness centres as well.


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