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Welcome to the magical ‘North-East,’ the region comprising seven states - Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, and Manipur. Popularly known as the Seven Sisters of India, these states hold pristine beauty as a majority of its hill towns are still unexplored.

No wonder, keen vacationers look forward to Northeast tour packages for an ideal vacation, which has a variety to offer. Dotted with dense forests and mountains, North-East India is bounded by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar. Blessed with rugged beauty, tribal cultures, varied landscapes, and wonderful weather, North East shows diversity in various aspects that keep its tourists intrigued. The northeastern part of India is also famous for its widespread species of orchids that contribute to around 70% of the worlds' orchids. A major part of the northeast encompasses hilly terrain. Some of the major national parks are also located in this region. Northeast holiday packages grab you a chance to witness all that and more.

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15 Best Places To Visit From Our North East Tour Packages

1. Guwahati

  • What’s Special: Historical sites, temples, vibrant culture
  • Nearby Attractions: Kamakhya Temple, Umananda Temple
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: Nature, scenic views
  • Distance From City: 164 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

The largest city of Northeast Indian state, Assam, Guwahati takes pride in the tranquility it holds. Also, called the “City of Temples”, Guwahati is an ultimate destination where you can witness a vibrant Assamese culture. This place is beautified with plentiful serene beauty which can be easily seen in its attractions. Historical places and shrines such as Navagraha Temple, Umananda Temple, Madan Kamdev, Kamakhya Temple add great charm to the beauty of Assam. Apart from this, Guwahati Zoo lets you witness the rich wildlife. All in all, this quaint destination is perfect to spend a memorable vacation.

2. Kaziranga National Park

  • What’s Special: One Horned Rhinoceros, rich wildlife, jungle safari
  • Nearby Attractions: Orchid and Biodiversity Park, Orang National Park
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: safari, wildlife
  • Distance From City: 112 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Initially, Kaziranga National Park was established in 1908 as a forest reserve. It is spread over an area of 430 square kilometers. The national park was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1985 by UNESCO. One-horned rhinos are the key attraction here. Tourists from around the world avail Northeast trip packages and flock to this national park to catch a glimpse of the one-horned rhinos. Another key attraction of this national park is Eastern Swamp Deer, also known as Barasingha. To explore this park at its best, one can go on an elephant safari. A perfect destination for wildlife lovers, Kaziranga National Park is a must-included attraction in an adventurous tour plan. But, if one is worried about the Northeast tip cost, then the best part of booking a package with TravelBlooper is that our tour itineraries are completely customizable, so as to let people decide to go on an excursion to their favorite places under their budget.

3. Nathu La Pass

  • What’s Special: Trekking, hiking, scenic beauty, adventurous activities
  • Nearby Attractions: Mera Bharat Mahan Hill, Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: adventure, trekking, views
  • Distance From City: 483 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Nathu La Pass is located at an altitude of 4310 m, near Indo-China border. Initially, it used to be connect India from Tibet; nowadays, it connects Sikkim with China (Tibet Autonomous Region). One can easily visit the pass from Gangtok as it is present at a distance of 56 km from the city. Visiting Nathu La Pass requires special permit issued by the Tourism and Civil Aviation Department. Moreover, visiting it will most probably occupy one entire day so plan your Northeast travel packages accordingly. On your way to the pass, your can take in the scenic beauty of alpine trees. To further extend your visit, you can also visit Baba Mandir and Tsomgo Lake. Note: Open for visiting only from Wednesday to Sunday.

4. Tawang Monastery

  • What’s Special: 400-year-old monastery, a pilgrim center
  • Nearby Attractions:Tawang War Memorial, Nuranang Falls
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: facts, history
  • Distance From City: 263 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Most Northeast travel packages have Tawang Monastery in the itinerary. It is situated in Arunachal Pradesh in a city called Tawang. This is India’s largest monastery, making it all the more popular among tourists from around the world. Like most monasteries, this monastery is also situated on a mountain top at an altitude of 3000 m. The history of the Tawang Monastery dates back to 1680 when it was established. It is one of the most important Buddhist sites in India and represents a mosaic of vibrant art, idols, etc. So, if you are on your way to Arunachal Pradesh, do not forget to add this site of historical importance to your Northeast vacation packages.

5. Umngot river

  • What’s Special: Snorkeling, boating, scuba diving, kayaking
  • Nearby Attractions: Hills, Meghalaya
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: adventurous activities
  • Distance From City: 130 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Through a small-town of Meghalaya, called Dawki, passes by a river named Umngot. This river is famous for its sea-green expanse of see-through water. Many tourists keep this on the wishlist of their North-East trip. Boating at this crystal clear river makes for a magical experience. One can easily reach Dawki through the road by booking a cab or through local buses. With the sights of traditional fishing boats and more, this site is an absolute must for all nature lovers.

6. Mawlynnong

  • What’s Special: Adventurous activities, natural beauty, trekking, rappelling
  • Nearby Attractions: Jingmaham Living Root Bridge, Mawlynnong Village
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: scenic views
  • Distance From City: 140 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis

This village in Meghalaya is no ordinary village. Often referred to as the “God’s own garden,” this village is the cleanest village in Asia. Northeast vacation packages from TravelBlooper get you to witness the many picturesque sights this village has to offer. Moreover, the village has a literacy rate of 100%. From bamboo huts to balancing rock, it is surrounded by lush greenery and rich flora and fauna. Some places have so much to offer that it is a gift to mankind from nature, such is the beauty of North East. Walk the pathways of this untouched wonderland in the lap of nature on booking your trip to North East.

7. Siang River

  • What’s Special: Stream boating, angling, trekking, river rafting
  • Nearby Attractions: Ziro Valley, Nathu Lal Pass
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: adventurous activities
  • Distance From City: 125 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis

Siang River is a beautiful river and is a very famous place among adventure enthusiasts as river rafting can be enjoyed here. October to early November makes for the best time to visit this river for a spectacular river rafting experience when the tides are not so furious. All grades of river rafting can be enjoyed here but Grade III and Grade IV make for the thrilling adventure.

8. Nuranang Falls

  • What’s Special: Scenic view, picnic spot
  • Nearby Attractions: Urgelling Gompa, Taktsang Gompa.
  • Timings: open 24/7
  • Houses: waterfall
  • Distance From City: 328 km from Northeast
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis

Its place should be in the North-East trip plan of you are traveling to North-East India on your honeymoon. The romantic aura of this place is heavenly and is best enjoyed with your partner. The 100 meters tall and tranquil falls make for the enchanting aura attracting tourists in large numbers.

9. Jaintia Hills

  • What’s Special: Trekking
  • Nearby Attractions: Mangan, Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: thrilling activities
  • Distance From City: 91.1 km from Northeast
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

These limestone caves located in Meghalaya shouldn’t be missed out on your trip to North-East India. This dramatic and mysterious place is a must-visit which will lead you to many smaller caves which is an adventure in itself. March to June is considered to be the best time for exploring Jaintia Hills.

10. Cherrapunji

  • What’s Special: Living root bridges, adventurous activities, trekking, canyoning, kayaking, camping, zip lining
  • Nearby Attractions: Double Decker Living Root Bridges, Nohkalikai Waterfalls
  • Timings: open 24/7
  • Houses: trekking
  • Distance From City: 156 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis

This is a surreal place and true heaven on Earth that is blessed with natural beauty. Cherrapunji is famous for its living root bridges that looks absolutely stunning and also for its gorgeous waterfalls equipped with a natural scener.

11. Gangtok

  • What’s Special: Tea, breathtaking attractions, rich traditions, and culture
  • Nearby Attractions: Nathula Pass, Rumtek Monastery, Tsomgo Lake, Ganesh Tok, Namgyal Institute of Technology, Baba Harbhajan Singh Temple, Mangan, Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: river rafting, mountain biking, thrilling activities
  • Distance From City: 501 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis

Gangtok is one of the most sought-after cities in North East India, it attracts tourists from across the world. Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim and is home to many mesmerizing and enchanting places. Visit the city which is dotted with peaceful monasteries, sacred temples, breathtaking viewpoints, stunning lakes, beautiful parks, and a rich variety of flora and fauna. The city is also home to many thrilling outdoor activities such as river rafting, paragliding, mountain biking, hang gliding, trekking, caving, yak safari, rock climbing, and mountaineering. Owing to these activities the capital city is also famous among adventure enthusiasts as well.

12. Shillong

  • What’s Special: Waterfalls, Beautiful parks, Limestone caves
  • Nearby Attractions: Umiam Lake, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Mary Help for Christian Cathedral, Ward’s Lake, Don Bosco Museum, Lady Hydari Park
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: Stunning hills
  • Distance From City: 136 km from Northeast
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Shillong is one of the most beautiful hill stations in North East India and is located in serene and peaceful surroundings. The city is surrounded by lush green stunning hills and is home to mystical lakes and shimmering waterfalls. Visit Shillong and admire the breathtaking ambiance. So book a holiday package for North East and visit Shillong for an unforgettable experience.

13. Ziro

  • What’s Special: Greenery, views, World Heritage Site
  • Nearby Attractions: ZiloPuto
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: scenic beauty
  • Distance From City: 226 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles and taxis

Situated in Arunachal Pradesh, a valley is a bewitching place that has long been a tourist attraction and is a World Heritage Site. Filled with lush green paddy fields, green grasslands, the valley offers many camping sites and picnic spots. When here do attend the Ziro music festival.

14. Siliguri

  • What’s Special: Trekking, birdwatching
  • Nearby Attractions: Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Timings: Open 24/7
  • Houses: wildlife safari
  • Distance From City: 501 km
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

A quaint town situated at the foothills of the Himalayan ranges, Siliguri is a place for those in love with natural beauty. It offers picturesque views and is brimming with rolling green tea gardens. Other than just offering natural bliss the place is also famous for its wildlife safaris. Add this exceptional place to your North East trip packages and explore the best of this place.

15. Pelling

  • What’s Special: trekking, sightseeing, serenity
  • Nearby Attractions: Changey Waterfall, Kanchenjunga Falls
  • Timings: 24/7
  • Houses: waterfalls
  • Distance From City: 131 km from Gangtok
  • Transportation Options: private vehicles, cabs, taxis, buses

Pelling is a magical destination for trekkers, hikers, bird watchers, and tranquil lovers. The city is environed with heritage structures like archaic monasteries and gurgling waterfalls such as Rimbi Waterfall, Changey Waterfall, and Kanchenjunga Falls. The Pemayangtse Monastery and the Sanga Choeling Monastery are the two famous monasteries in the area that must be included in your Northeast trip package.

Do consider the above places while booking a Northeast tour plan during the preferred travel time, and get ready with the backpack for an expedition that could not be forgotten for a lifetime.

North-East Tour From The Top Cities of India

Plan yourself a delighting vacay and get set to experience a fusion of extravaganza, beauty, and comfort with our list of North East tour packages. You can pick from our long list of tour packages from various Indian cities such as North East India Packages from Delhi, North East India Packages from Mumbai, North East India Packages from Bangalore, North East India Packages from Chennai, North East India Packages from Kolkata.

Best Time To Visit North-East

Usually, the climate of North-east India remains pleasant due to mild and heavy rainfall. However, it slightly differs from state to state. For instance, the best time to visit Meghalaya is between the months of October and April. On the other hand, the best time to visit Assam is during the months of winters and summers, i.e., November to March. To visit Arunachal Pradesh, October to April is the best time. It is noteworthy that the suitable season to visit any of the North East holiday destinations depends upon what is on the to-do list of tourists. However, whichever month you choose to plan your visit, Northeast holiday packages are the best way to get the real taste of North East. 

As aforementioned North East has a charm like no other. It blooms with every season and always has something to offer. Herein, we have prepared a list of places in North East that you can visit no matter what the season.

In the Peak of Summers

  • Pelling, Sikkim
  • Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Dzükou Valley, Nagaland
  • Mokokchung, Nagaland
  • Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya
  • Shillong, Meghalaya

When it Rains

  • Shillong, Meghalaya
  • Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Darjeeling, West Bengal
  • Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

When Winter Pours

  • Roing, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Lawngtlai, Mizoram
  • Aizawl, Mizoram
  • Guwahati, Assam
  • Imphal, Manipur

To decide on the best time to navigate through the enticing landscapes of North East, scroll through the different itineraries of our North East packages, which are meant to guide our travelers in regard to every location covered. And then, hop on a tour to have a magical experience.

How To Reach North East?

Those wondering about how to reach North East India from India can easily enter through Assam – the main entry point for north-eastern states. Bagdogra airport in Darjeeling, as well as New Jalpaiguri and Hasimara railway stations in West Bengal are also important entry points to these ethereal states. A wide railway network connects Northeastern states to other parts of India. There are also regular flights that connect Northeast to various cities of India as well as several countries of Southeast Asia. So, hopping on an excursion toward this state is not such a trouble.

Despite being very similar to each other, the states also showcase different cultures and traditions, which is the reason behind tourists wanting to visit all the seven states, preferably in one go. It makes sense to cover more than just one state when here and enjoy the amazing cultural heritage, festivals and of course, food of North East. TravelBlooper has a bevy of vacation packages designed for this tourist destination which never fails to entice even the fussiest travelers. So, just browse through our list of packages equipped with well crafted tour itineraries, and grab a customizable north east tour package at an amazing deal which just makes the whole experience even more delightful.


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